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PicoPrep bowel preparation for morning procedures

Admission time before 10am

For safe and thorough examination of the large bowel it is very important to ensure the bowel is completely emptied, by following the instructions below. Follow the Colonoscopy Information sheet.


Prior to the colonoscopy (5-7 days), you may need to stop the following medication/s e.g. Aspirin (Cartia, Astirix), Clopidogrel (Plavix, Iscover), Warfarin, Iron (Fe) tablets. Otherwise, continue all other tablets as usual, even on the day of the test. If you are a diabetic (especially those who take insulin) you will need special instructions, which can be given by us, your diabetic educator or specialist.

Bowel Preparation Instructions

3 days before the colonoscopy. From now on, avoid vegetable skins, seeds, and nuts: especially grapes, peas, beans, tomatoes, and seeded breads.

The day before the colonoscopy. Breakfast and lunch as usual (no seeds/nuts), then no solid food until after the examination. Take clear liquids only (you should be able to see through the liquid). Soups (clear broth), bonox, strained fruit juice (e.g apple juice), water or cordial, black tea and coffee, ice blocks or plain jellies. Gatorade is good for hydration (2-3L during the day). Get some at Coles/Woolies.

At 4-5pm (earlier if able), mix first sachet of PicoPrep in 1 glass (250ml) of warm water and drink (best to chill first). Then drink 2 glasses of clear liquid or water. You need to drink as much clear liquid as you can after this (e.g Gatorade or No sugar Powerade). Your bowels can start to move within an hour or two. Stools will become loose. Some moist toilet wipes may be helpful to reduce soreness from cleaning.

At 5-6pm, mix the second sachet of PicoPrep with 1 glass of water as above and drink. Have at least four glasses of clear liquids after this, before bed, more if you like. The key to successful preparation is to drink plenty of liquids to flush out the bowel (at least a glass an hour). The aim is for clear/pale yellow watery motions with no solid material.

The morning of the colonoscopy.
At 7-730am take the third sachet of PicoPrep with water as above then drink 3-4 glasses of water. Drink clear liquids up until 8 am or two hours before your admission. Take your regular tablets with water at the usual time.

Nothing by mouth after 8am.

In some patients the bowel preparation may not take effect for a few hours, this is not out of the ordinary.

Phone Dr Murray’s office on 5539 1240 during business hours if you are unsure about the procedure or instructions.

Make arrangements for someone to drive you home after the procedure, as it is not safe to drive until the following day after having sedation or an anaesthetic.

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