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Haemorrhoidal Banding

This procedure is done at the time of your colonoscopy while under anaesthetic sedation.

Preparation is therefore the same as your procedure instructions.
Follow the Colonoscopy Information sheet.

Haemorrhoids are enlarged veins, which are located close to the surface just inside the anus. They normally act to cushion and humidify the very last part of the intestinal tract. Bleeding occurs in some patients. This may be due to constipation and straining, and after childbirth in females. Symptoms may settle with an increase in dietary fibre and regularisation of bowel habit.

Banding may be performed, which involves ligating or obliterating the enlarged veins, with tiny rubber bands placed directly onto the veins. This is done on a painless area inside the bottom. There may be some swelling and pressure felt initially after the procedure, which will settle quickly in the majority of patients. A few patients have some discomfort over the ensuing days. Infection may cause some of these symptoms and antibiotics may be needed. The bands will come away over the next few days. Stool softeners such as Coloxyl or a fibre/bulking agent such as Metamucil or Benefiber, are worth taking for a few days. A little extra bleeding can occur as the banding areas are healing up.

This procedure should fix bleeding associated with the haemorrhoids. Other causes of bleeding such as anal fissure - a split in the anal skin, may occur as well and need to be considered.

Rectal bleeding should not be assumed to be due to haemorrhoids and dismissed without consultation with your doctor, as internal polyps and cancer may cause similar symptoms.

Phone Dr Murray’s office on 5539 1240 during business hours if you are unsure about the procedure or instructions, or pain worsens after you go home. You will have sedation during the banding procedure, therefore will not be awake or aware of anything.

Make arrangements for someone to drive you home after the procedure, as it is not safe to drive until the following day after having sedation or an anaesthetic.

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